Monday, July 9, 2012

GC Day 4: Crazy Christians

The Sunday Eucharist was grand. I'm not sure how many were there, but certainly thousands.  Presiding Bishop Katharine as good. Her sermon can be found here.  Bishop Michael Curry was even better the day before, in a sermon entitled "Crazy Christians." Don't miss it.

It is great to have John with me for a couple days.  He received an award from the Episcopal Womens' Caucus yesterday and I was so proud.  He is one of the finest people I know (yes, of course, I am biased).  He has gone from being thrown off a vestry and out of a parish in the late 1980's because he "flunked" being healed of his sexuality, to being honored for his witness by a room of 300 people or so.  It's a great story in a great church.

I made my first motion on the floor of the deputies and it passed!  I asked a resolution be amended which said that youth and young adults were the "most important" subjects of our evangelism efforts.  I understand the sentiment, but we cannot be an organization that plays "most" and "least."

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