Thursday, July 5, 2012

GC Day 1

Today is the official first day of General Convention and I thought while I was waiting for a committee meeting to start I'd write a few words. I'm monitoring the Prayer Book, Liturgy and Church Music Committeee. As a first time deputy I do not have a committee assignment.

This morning began with the organizational sesssions of the two Houses.  Not very exciting, but not intended to be.  Then followed the opening Eucharist with the Presiding Bishop presiding and preaching.  The opening hymn was "Joyful, joyful we adore thee." Sung by a couple thousand people it is quite something!  On our calendar today we remember early 20th century proponents of the social gospel, including Rochester's own Walter Rauschenbusch.  Unfortunately, the PB just said he was from "New York."  She did, however, quote extensively from him.  The sermon is worth a look.  It's on-line at:

We were told this afternoon that 835 deputies had registered for this Convention. Everything here is large. This Committee I am montoring has 40 deputies and 10 bishops.  It is, as you might expect, nearly unmanageable.  And yet, the work gets done.  Kind of like the church.

I've seen old friends of Two Saints including Bishop Gayle Harris and the Rev. Michael Burke.  Bishop Steve Lane is here also, of course, with Gretchen.  Bishop Barbara Harris sends her greetings. She is as feisty as ever.  I also saw my seminary roommate for the first time in 24 years. We had completely lost touch with each other. He's a parish priest in Oklahoma.

Hope everyone in Rochester is well.

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