Sunday, May 20, 2012

Two Saints Health Survey

This morning (Sunday, May 20, 2012), the paper version of a parish health survey was distributed during both coffee hours. If you were not there, please take a few moments to take the online version.

Below is an introduction written by Carter Williams....

In this effort to listen to all of us at Two Saints about what our health concerns and hopes are, we are doing something that was a cardinal rule with Frank. He approached others with the aim of finding what they wanted. Then his advice and help would be directed toward achieving their goals. This meant he wanted first to listen. (I wasn’t always so good at listening and on occasion he reminded me to hush, and listen to the other person.)  
After Frank’s memorial service, a friend who had been the ombudsman (resident advocate) at Monroe Community Hospital, made a point of telling me about Frank’s role in a conference that occurred when one of the residents wanted to go home. Those who were caring for her -- nurses, physical therapist and others -- felt that she could not manage at home, and listed all their reasons. It was an impressive list of all they felt she was incapable of doing. But the woman was convinced that she could live at home because of the services she could arrange, and Frank, who was then Medical Director of the hospital, said quietly and firmly that in his opinion it was perfectly possible for the woman could go home, and that was what happened. He had listened to the person. His knowledge of community resources and her fervent words, resulted in a can-do decision.
He would be hugely interested in what you say today. He would be listening intently, believing that you are the authority on your own health needs, both curative and preventive. He would be confident that together we could figure out a health-promoting plan that would serve us well.

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