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Minutes From February 10th District Meeting

Rochester Monroe District Minutes
February 10, 2011
Christ Church, Pittsford

The February 10, 2011 meeting of the Rochester Monroe District was held at Christ Church, Pittsford with 53 people present.

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 p.m. by Warden Bonnie Hallman-Dye.

The Rev. Winifred Collin opened the meeting with prayer and introduced Rev. Chris Streeter, thanking him for providing the refreshments. She then introduced Pam Burch, the head of outreach, who spoke about the Faith in Action network. There are numerous examples of faith in action throughout our area. Pam invited further communication by contacting her through email at

Minutes and Agenda
The minutes of the December 9, 2010 meeting were accepted and the agenda was approved.

Old Business:
  1. Gary Goeck was elected by acclamation to fulfill the term of Neil Houghton as Warden of the Monroe District. The term expires in December 2011.

New Business:
  1. Public Policy: A presentation was made by Bob Crystal of the Public Policy Committee.
On April 30, 2011 the 10th Annual Public Policy Luncheon for Parish Contacts will be held at St. Michael’s in Geneseo. David Cay Johnson will be the luncheon speaker on topic “Biblically Based budgeting: What do our taxes pay for?”

Each parish was asked to do something for Public Policy Sunday in considering the church’s place in the public policy forum. Several examples were shared.
  1. The following resolution was approved:

February 10, 2011 Be it Resolved that the warden, delegates, and clergy of the Rochester Monroe district thanks Mr. Neil Houghton for his outstanding leadership and many years of service to us.

We have grown in our sense of service and true leadership under his guidance as well as in our knowledge of diocesan ministries. We are deeply grateful for you and appreciate your work and presence with us.

It is with deep regret that we accept your resignation. May God continue to support and guide you in your future ministries with us and to the wider church.
  1. New Delegates Orientation: The deans and wardens asked delegates to share their thoughts and insights with new delegates and alternates.
  2. Review of the Grant Process: Warden Gary Gocek presented an overview of the grant application process and funding criteria. Canon Julie Cicora spoke to the Diocesan grant process.
  3. Book Discussion: The Very Rev. Cynthia Rasmussen facilitated the discussion of chapters 4-6 of I Refuse to Lead a Dying Church. Small group insights were shared around the need for balance, a broadening of the focus of outreach, and seeking the movement of the Spirit.

  1. Anti-racism training has been mandated by the national church and diocese for all those in leadership roles. Registration materials were sent to clergy, delegates, and parish offices with the Rochester Monroe District December Minutes.
  2. Two Saints offers a noon service. All are welcome.
  3. There is a Synod Gathering for Province 2 on May 5and 6. Links are on the Diocesan website.
  4. The Episcopal Church Foundation is planning to rebuild the cathedral in Haiti – there are ways for individuals and parishes to become involved.
  5. Everyone is asked to update their information for the diocesan data base if you have not already completed the form online or hard copy.
  6. Diocesan Grant applications have been emailed to parishes, delegates, and clergy.
  7. Please note the correct email for The Very Rev Lance Robbins:
  8. Next Meeting: Thursday May 12, 2011 at the Church of the Ascension., 2 Riverside St. Rochester.
  9. Pre – Convention Meeting date will be set by the diocese. The meeting will be held at St. Luke’s, Fairport.

Compline: The Rev. Chris Streeter led the group in closing prayer.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Submitted by,
Sharon Del Vecchio Therkildsen
Rochester Monroe District Secretary.

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