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Rochester Monroe District Meeting Minutes

May 20, 2010
St. Stephen’s

Call to Order: Warden Bonnie Hallman-Dye called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. with 41 people present. The attendance lists are with the secretary.

Welcome and Opening Prayer: The Rev. Mary Ann Brody welcomed the group and gave a brief overview of the various ministries at St. Stephen’s including the Sunday night suppers, a community garden in conjunction with St. Luke’s and St. Simon’s, hosting community groups, and a kitchen renovation project.

Review Agenda and Minutes of October 8, 2009: The minutes were accepted as read.

Old Business: none

New Business:
Dr. Marilyn Wienk addressed the group regarding the anti-racism materials and training available through the diocese that is required for clergy and lay leaders of the diocese. There are currently three trainings scheduled within the diocese including June 5 at St. Mark’s in Newark; September 18 at St. Thomas’ in Bath, and October 16 at Christ Church in Rochester. For more information and to register for one of the workshops you may call Eileen O’Connor Casey at 585-473-2977.

The Very Rev Cynthia Rasmussen and the Very Rev. Lance Robbins presented a brief overview of the Bishop’s vision for the diocese. Passionate Spirituality – Radical Hospitality- Thoughtful Engagement. They also asked what they could do to energize and conduct future district meetings around issues of interest.

Oral reports from grant recipients from the fall of 2007 and spring 2008 were given.
  • St. Steven’s – Sunday suppers
  • St. Mark’s and St. John’s – Creation Camp
  • St. Thomas – Prison ministry
  • St. Luke’s Brockport – New mom’s ministry
  • Christ Church Rochester – rental of sound and lighting equipment for Jazz Festival

Warden Neil Houghton chaired the portion of the meeting devoted to new grant recipients. The following grants were approved:
  • Grace Church, Scottsville $500.00 (music and more)
  • St. Stephen’s Rochester $500.00 (community garden)
  • St. John’s Honeoye Falls $500.00 (Carpenter’s Kids)
  • Incarnation Penfield $250.00 (Push Physical theater Liturgical Dance)
  • Incarnation Penfield $500.00 (Roots Liturgical Dance)
  • St. George’s Hilton $1000.00 (Alzheimer’s support group literature and community garden
The total amount awarded was $3,250.00

The Rev. David Grant Smith gave a presentation about Creation Camp.

Warden Neil Houghton outlined the procedures involved in writing and presenting resolutions. A brochure of the procedures is available on the diocesan website.

Two new diocesan positions were announced. Deborah Brown is the new Youth Missioner and Jim Ernest has been appointed to the Diocesan Communications position.

The Very Rev. Cynthia Rasmussen led the group in a brainstorming regarding areas for future meetings:
  • Godly play
  • Evangelism
  • Sharing ideas among parishes
  • Networking regarding the mission of the church
  • Stewardship
  • Recruiting and retaining youth
  • Subgroups report on various aspects of ministry
  • Meeting quarterly -4times per year
A motion was made and approved to meet four times per year. October, December, February, and May were suggested.

Members requested to look at meeting on days other than Thursdays. The secretary was asked to survey members about days they would be available to meet.

  1. Sarah Stoll form Diocesan Council that there are efforts in communication, evangelism, and congregational development at the diocesan level
  2. June 4 – St. Mark’s and St. John’s Jazz Festival – The Very Rev. Cindy Rasmussen added that helpers are welcome.
  3. June 5 – St George’s Electronics Go Green Day – disposal of electronics and paper shredding for free, $10 fee to recycle old TV’s
  4. June 13 – Epiphany Gates Blood Drive 9-2
  5. June 18 – St. Thomas Chicken Barbeque
  6. June 19 – St. Thomas 5K race
Compline: Warden Bonnie Hallman-Dye

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

Next Meeting
St. George’s Hilton
Date to follow - This will be the pre-convention meeting

Submitted by
Sharon Del Vecchio Therkildsen
Rochester Monroe District Secretary

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