Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday in Holy Week

John 12:20-26
v. 26 Whoever serves me must follow me, and where I am, there will my servant b also. Whoever serves me the Father will honor.

This week above all others we walk with Jesus the way of the Cross. For him it was the way of death, death that had to be undertaken so that death itself could be defeated. For us it is the way of service, service to Jesus and service to the world.

This way of servce is its own death, a "death to self," we traditionally say. But we must be careful when we say that. What do we mean here by the "self" which must die? We do not mean the negation or annihilation of our lives. God made us and wants us to have life, abundant life, Jesus says. But it does mean a control of self, especially what we would call our egos, our insatiable need for anything and everything to give us self-worth other then God. And it does mean knowing myself to be a self among other selves, of no greater importance then the next person, striving to live in a community of equals.

To live my life in service to others is the highest goal of this healthy understanding of self. Sometimes this will feel like a kind of death, as I let go of my own selfish need in order to lift up the need of another. The good news is that we are called to live in a community of servants, so that I can trust my true needs will be met as well as we live a life of mutual service.

Are you ready to renew your walk with Jesus, the way of the Cross? Are you ready to renew your life of service?

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