Sunday, April 12, 2009

Celebration of Resurrection is defining event for faith, history of Christianity

From today's D&C...

The Rev. Julie Cicora has seen the promise of Easter each time she has been with someone at the moment of death.

'Every one of the 26 people I have been with,' she says, 'has reached out or called out to someone — often a spouse or a parent. They see someone. And something happens to them.'

That 'something,' Cicora says, is central to the promise of the Resurrection — not just a new life in the spirit, but life in a resurrected body, a glorified body, just as the resurrected Jesus is described in the gospels. Right before death, and right after, many people seem to glimpse the resurrected life that awaits them, perhaps seeing the resurrected figures of those they love, or of Jesus, she adds.

Cicora, the pastor of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Henrietta, acknowledged that Christians rarely talk about the resurrection of the body, but that promise is why Easter, the celebration of the Resurrection, is the defining event of Christian history and faith. Without it, the idea of a Messiah who has triumphed over sin and death would be meaningless.

Julie is actually the rector of St. Peter's Henrietta. Click here to read the rest!

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