Saturday, December 6, 2008

Friday in Advent 1

I'm posting this scripture meditation on behalf of Michael. All typos are mine! JCB

Isaiah 3:8-15

"For Jerusalem has stumbled, and Judah has fallen..." v. 8

As I write this from a hospital bed these words seem very real to me, for I feel I have stumbled and fallen. It is easier to do that one can imaging, so I feel for Jerusalem. She was deluded into thinking that she was stranger than she was. We all do that from time to time and sometimes with dire consequences.

I often wonder how Jerusalem received these words. Was she cut to the quick? Feel any remorse? Overwhelming sadness at what might have been? I'd like to think so, although the biblical evidence is slim.

As I lie here I feel like I have stumbled and fallen, so much progress seems to have been wasted. Pray for me. I need Isaiah, and you, to give me a word of hope to cling to.

© 2008 by Michael W. Hopkins

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