Monday, July 28, 2008

Lambeth Letter #5


The highlight of Friday was a presentation by 5 transgender folk. I filmed the testimony from the American speaker--Cam Partridge.

We also learned the good news that Nigerian LGBT activist Davis Mac-Iyalla--who spoke at 2 Saints a year ago--has been granted asylum in the UK. [Last Easter an attempt was made on Davis' life in Togo.]

On Saturday evening, an "inclusive communion" was held on campus sponsored by the Inclusive Church Network--the alliance with which Integrity USA is working during Lambeth. It was held in a lecture theatre. About 150 people attended. The Archbishop of Mexico presided and Lucy Winkett--a controversial female canon at St Paul’s Cathedral in London--preached.

Sunday was a complete day off--yeah! Since I had the benefit of the blessed sacrament the night before, I skipped church and drove 2.5 hours to see Stonehenge. The site was packed with hundreds of tourists like me. The stones are roped off so that visitors can see but not touch. A "Druid" was quietly protesting the lack of access to the circle. [They are only allowed inside during the summer solstice.]

I then drove a short way to Avebury--another neolithic sacred site that is older and larger than Stonehenge. The stones at Avebury are not as dramatic as those at Stonehenge, but there are LOTS of them spread out of a large area, and visitors can walk freely among them.

I imagined that some of my ancestors had a hand in constructing both these ancient holy places in their attempt to understand the creation and the Creator.

Now that the conference has slowed down at bit, I will confess to being somewhat homesick and lonesome. I am quite ready to return to the USA. One more week to go!

Your ambassador,

John Clinton Bradley

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