Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lambeth Letter #3


On Tuesday my team "translated" from London to Canterbury. We are temporarily staying at the Ebury Hotel--which is bit like Fawlty Towers--until Saturday. Because the Internet access at the Ebury proved to be unreliable, we purchased mobile phone modems--which I'm told the Brits call "dongles" because they dangle. Unfortunately, I am not finding the modem much more reliable. One reason for the lack of a report in the last few days.

The conference officially stated on Wednesday. However, the bishops are in retreat for the first few days and not much is happening. We issued a press advisory about an outdoor Eucharist that Integrity is co-sponsoring on Sunday afternoon. There's been a bit of controversy about the service. Our British allies had been either silent or evasive about who would be presiding. This spawned a rumor that Bishop Gene Robinson would be presiding--in violation of specific prohibitions outlined by the Archbishop of Canterbury. The rumor was false. Colin Coward, Director of a British LGBT organization called Changing Attitude, is presiding.

Today [Thursday] we set up our Canterbury Communications Centre [3C] in the parish hall adjacent to St. Stephen's Church. This is where I will be spending most of my time for the next 2 weeks...

It's in a lively neighborhood near a school, pub, and mini-market.

The 3C is equipped with high-speed Internet access [reliable so far!], a local area network, a printer, and a photocopier. About a dozen volunteers from a number of LGBT and allied organizations will be using it. Here are some of of Integrity's team members already hard at work...

I've mostly adapted to the local time zone, but I'm still not getting as much sleep as I would like. Hopefully that will change after we settle in to a routine.

Your ambassador,

John Clinton Bradley

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