Monday, July 14, 2008

Lambeth Letter #2


The Bishop of New Hampshire preached a powerful sermon on fear last night to a packed congregation at St. Mary's Church, Putney Parish. You can read about it here or watch it here. Sadly, a heckler interrupted the sermon calling +Gene an heretic and urging him to repent. The protester was quickly drown out with a hymn and voluntarily left the service. Afterward, 4 members of our team [including me] stayed up until the wee hours managing press coverage of +Gene's sermon. While 2 of my colleagues had to also rise early to do interviews, I got to sleep until almost 11 local time.

fast forward

This evening was the UK premier of For the Bible Tells Me So at the Southbank Centre. Sir Ian McKellen introduced the film. After the credits, +Gene came on stage. Sir Ian asked +Gene a few questions, then invited the audience to do the same. The event ended with Sir Ian reciting a monologue written by William Shakespeare for a play about Thomas Moore. No photos or video were permitted. Although +Gene was promptly whisked away, Sir Ian mingled with the crowd. Several of our team introduced themselves to him and had their photos taken.

Your ambassador,

John Clinton Bradley

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